Saving The Pennies

Saving The Pennies

Following a recent survey, it was revealed that over 50% of those asked were not prepared for the expense of a baby, in addition to this, over 60% felt pressured to buy products that in hindsight, they probably didn’t need. Most interestingly,
85% of the 150 parents asked, said they would spend differently with a second child. Although there is no escaping the expense of having a baby, with this survey in mind, we have come up with a few ideas to soften the blow!


Buying a good quality breastpump can be expensive, but is essential for all breastfeeding mums who want some support with feeding and especially those with premature babies, multiples or for mums returning to work who need to build a good supply. Breastfeeding experts Medela allow mums to rent their hospital grade Symphony pump for less than £1.50 a day. The Symphony is the most advanced breastpump on the market, so this is a fantastic solution for mums who want a top quality breastpump for a very reasonable price. Best of all Medela will even deliver the Symphony to your home, and collect it once you’re ready!

RRP: Rent for £1.50 per day

Stockist: call 0870 950 5994 or visit


The survey revealed that the second product that parents found cost more than they expected was nappies (pushchair being the first choice). Choosing cloth nappies over disposables can save a family up to £500 per baby, but the initial cost of choosing cloth can be daunting. But fear not, TotsBots have developed the ‘Spread a Little Nappiness’ payment plan where all parents have to do is pay what they would likely be spending on disposables per month and they will be able to pay off an entire cloth nappy stash in just six months, or less!

RRP: Starting from £8.99



BundleBean is the simple and cost effective solution to the common parenting problem of ‘too much kit’! This one stop product will eradicate the need for endless blankets, rain covers, foot muffs and rugs as this incredibly versatile product creates a snug, waterproof pouch that can fit onto any buggy, bike seat, car seat, baby carrier and can also be used as a play mat, saving lots of room, as well as cash! BundleBean is estimated to save parents between £150-£200.

RRP: £29.99

Stockist:, Asda, Boots


Breastvest is an ingenious breastfeeding accessory that can turn any top into a breastfeeding top! Not only is this product perfect for breastfeeding mums who want to keep their post natal tummy covered whilst breastfeeding in public, it means mums can get straight back into their favourite outfits without having to spend lots of money on nursing tops!

RRP: £15



Mums-to-be spend almost £1,000 on their maternity wardrobe*! A small fortune when you consider that the little one hasn’t even arrived yet. Pregnant mums will be delighted to get their hands on a Flexi-Belt, the ultimate money-saving accessory as it turns any pair of jeans into maternity wear.

RRP: £13.99

Stockists:  and


The Little Deal is a daily deal website that promises to save mums a lot of money on their favourite brands as well as some beautiful boutique brands! It is absolutely perfect for mums looking for affordable products without compromising on style as this unique shopping site will deliver boutique brands and fabulous products for mums, babies and kids, at up to 90% off.

*  This document is based around a survey called ‘The Expense of a Baby’ which ran from the 7th-13th January 2013 and 150 parents were asked.


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