Make Your Own Superhero Identity At

Make your own superhero identity at


Hold the batphone – there is a new superhero in town. Dropkick a goodbye to ubiquitous faddy superhero kids costumes and create your very ‘Oon’ secret identity with the super stylish silver SwooperCape.

Unleash your kid’s inner super power with matching mask and SwooperSonic wristbands on, creators of the innovative Ruckjack.

The safe, online experience allows kids to use their own inspiration combined with a little help from the loveable, and sometimes cheeky Oons, who act as guides on the website.

Children can customise their SwooperCape by guiding a mouse over the Oons so kids can personally brand them with their own initials and emblems. Eyes pop open and reveal a choice of colour palettes and letters. aims to please both parent and child with a product and customer experience that ticks all the boxes. They have created a safe, controlled environment where kids enjoy creative freedom and can express their individuality. Priced at £15.99, SwooperCape delivers on both value and quality.

The SwooperCape and matching SwooperSonic wristbands are available for 3-12 year olds and shipped in just 48 hours. Adjustable velcro on the wrists and neck cleverly ensure that one size fits all (and even big kids).
Well……someone had got to give it a test run!

Look out for on Nickelodeon from the end of November 2012.


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